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February 25, 2020

my first blog after breakup (Bulati h magar jane ka nhi)

right now it is 10am on 25 Feb 2020 I am writing about it. what was the reason to break up? it was not my physical handicap problem .  it was caste yeah right it was caste. what is my caste? my caste is Yadav? what is her caste? her caste is Sharma. she said my family will not agree with it and I can't go against them I love them a lot. what else she said I can be your best friend whenever you need me I will be there for you. how I m feeling right now? I am feeling pissed off. here the world is trying to find new things in space and on earth people are still thinking for caste. i guess all human having the same colour of blood. what i should do now? should accept her offer or should I cut off her from my life for forever? if I will accept her offer then I need to see her with someone else holding her hands and in front her I need to show everything is fine I m feeling normal sorry boss I can't be fake. yes I will feel pain coz I can't see you with someone else so we can't be a friend so goodbye thank you for everything thank you for telling me my caste is low as per your big caste family if you love your family then I love my self-respect