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May 26, 2020

Women Condition in India during Coronavirus

women condition in india during coronavirus
women conditions in india during coronavirus

Written by Arvind 

Women Condition in India  during Coronavirus 

Covid19 pandemic's impact can be seen in every class of Indian women and the worst hit by this is lower class women, which involves migrant workers, daily wage earners, labour, etc. During lockdown gender-based violence has seen a sharp rise due to income stress and poor women who have no digital access and no means to be supported by natal house during lockdown affected by it. Women is stuck because of socio - economic consequences of Covid19. Many govt programmes are made to help women and Non-profit also trying to be on similar lines. 

Major impact is on LOWER CLASS women. They are facing bundle of problems. Firstly, in slum areas main problems are related to inadequate infrastructure like: no tap water, sanitation, no separate toilets and all this additional burden goes on women to fetch water, which is the basic need, even in washing hands on regular basis during Covid19 outbreak need huge water. Second,  to feed whole family all pressure is on women, who cooks food but eat last and least due to financial stress women eat leftover and this affects women nutrition too. Third, huge increase in care work due to school closure and a myth in Indian society where woman is depicted as a 'caretaker' of in-laws, children, husband and do all the household work simultaneously. Fourth, if trapped with abusive partner with lack of digital access  ( in many households only one mobile is there which is used by husband ) and no natal support, would be a disastrous situation and even those having digital support can call police but police is busy to handle lockdown.  According to research there are many complaints but everyone is not getting support. Many Non-profits have come for support.  Government started many helplines and started hearing complaints through WhatsApp number, again what about those having no digital access and have societal pressure too. 

Amidst, Covid19 outbreak Migrant workers especially woman who has opted to leave for their village without transport facilities is the most disheartening event going on. Their major problems are related to food, income, house rent,  and family support which every human being demands during these disturbing times, so there is no fault of them going their hometown even though govt said not to and in places provided food and shelter to them but not all are covered under such scheme and in a country like India administration will take time to implement such scheme on grass-root level. In poor households birth is greater than middle class because of financial need and mostly poor children can be found working instead of doing school. Now, no economic activity is continuing, so all those children have become burden. The only option left with them is to be back to their hometown. Lockdown is enhancing marginalisation of women especially poor women. 
Daily wage earners also includes sex workers. They are impacted worstly , presently there is no work for them and even in post - pandemic situation there will be no work for them because of safety purposes. Migrant workers portion also consists of sex workers too. Besides all this, government doesn't recognise this section and doing anything to help them in their difficult times. Some NGO's are working to help them but this is not enough. 

Middle class women like housewives, working women, etc. Problems faced by them are immense household work like : kitchen work, cleaning and disturbed by children mainly because of school closure and even in this working woman is affected majorly, after household work they have office work also and amidst of it every member's caretaker responsibility is also hanging on their shoulders. 
But middle class people have a broad mindset regarding responsibility distribution so,  their husbands also help them to do such things but as India eases lockdown business operating with fewer employees most of the partners now go out for work and ultimate responsibility of caretaking and managing everything from breakfast to dinner from cleaning to working clung to their shoulders. 
In this section domestic violence can also be seen becomes strange problem because these women have access of digital equipments but most of them bearing trauma of abusive partners. The reasons behind this can be family pressure which have taken hold of women and no natal support after taking such step,  housewives are mainly affected by this problem. Reason behind Domestic Violence can be frustrated and unemployed men struggling to access of tobacco, alcohol etc i.e, mainly economic strain. 

Pregnant women are also affected but according to class wise categorisation, in case of poor women many news have been heard like lack of ambulance facilities amidst Covid19 outbreak many problems like, cancellation of weekly checkups because, if they come and catch coronavirus, cancellations mostly impacted middle class women. Second, majority of health infrastructure engaged to fight Covid19 and even health workers facing shortage of Personal Protective Equipment  (PPE) which is the basic need of every health worker to save himself /herself from virus and work among patients. Third, private hospitals stopped working because they don't want their staff to catch Covid19 but it hugely affecting pregnant women as everyone wants to reach a safe place for delivery and government hospitals are full of coronavirus patients. But, at this time Emergency Telemedicin services are proving helpful as they have easy access to doctor's consultation and somewhat eased situation. Here again comes only those women which have digital access and in India only 30 percent of females are Internet users.

Digital education and digital access are the areas where women support to get rid of Covid19 impacts. These two things will be helpful even in post - pandemic time , as in that situation online jobs can be found mostly in market and women with such Knowledge can earn living on the other side, lack of access to technology will create digital divide, less opportunities for women. As India eases lockdown business operating with fewer employees and focused on mechanisation. In this situation 'fewer employees ' list might contain males name which will affect economic social growth of women in long run. 
Women in insecure jobs  (private jobs) need protection. Government can take steps like creating policies which will regulate unorganised sector and provide facilities to women. 
For migrant workers government should draw beneficial legislation dedicated to their welfare especially which consider those poor women who run their family alone. 
These steps should create a favourable environment for women in all class and help them during their miserable times.

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Women Condition in India  during Coronavirus

50 most popular women,50 popular women,little women showtimes,5why women kill cast0 most powerful women,
Women Condition in India  during Coronavirus

50 most popular women,50 popular women,little women showtimes,5why women kill cast0 most powerful women,
Women Condition in India  during Coronavirus

50 most popular women,50 popular women,little women showtimes,5why women kill cast0 most powerful women,
Women Condition in India  during Coronavirus

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