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June 29, 2021

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Today I am going to talk about how can you become a friend of a disabled person?

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Now let's talk about the first topic.

The first thing is that if someone asks you to go somewhere or someone tells you to go somewhere, then there should be facility to go on a wheelchair. There should be all kinds of access for a disabled person to reach there. So at that time you should listen to them. You must understand and you must stand by them.

Because this problem is not only for physically handicapped person.  Maybe your parents need you at the restaurant you're going to. They are aged, so they will have trouble going there.

So you wouldn't do this just for the handicap person. you will also do this for your parents and you will also do this for your future too.  Second point, you have to understand the words of a physically challenged person when he to change the plan and program because it is too easy for you.  Going anywhere anytime but becomes very difficult for a disabled person. Because physically handicapped person has to think a lot whether there will be toilet (adapted for handicapped persons) or not or ramp or not. 

There are many more things. Whether there will be a metro at the time of coming and going, then you all have to understand why they are canceling their program?

You have to listen and understand their words.Without judging them, then only you understand their words. Otherwise something else will run in your mind and their problem is something else.

Only then you will understand their point and only then you will be able to understand their problem so listen first and then revert Because his/her problem will be something else and he/she will not be able to speak to you. So if you do not listen to them and do not understand, then you will never be able to understand their words.

So you have to stop thinking that the experience is yours, it will be ours too.
Because every person's thinking is different. every person's behavior is different Every person's way of thinking is different. So we should not think that a physically handicapped person is also thinking like we are thinking. Fifth way when you become a friend of  physically handicapped person

So it's not like you would say anything to such a friend to a disabled person. They won't understand and they don't mind

You will not be able to talk to a normal physically challenged person like you. That's it. You can talk to your physically handicapped friend. It is not because due to the disability of the physically handicapped person, they get to know a little more.

It is not at all that you will say anything bad about them indirectly or directly. They won't understand. it's not like that at all. they understand it all. It's your misunderstanding that you misinterpret them in any other way. 

it's not like that at all.  They understands everything and can understand everything but They find it difficult to communicate their point of view or to explain their point of view to the other person. Because of that people do not understand their words.

So lastly, don't be an advocate of physical handicap person.  You stand by them in their battle with them. Those who are advocates of physically handicapped persons who fight for their rights.

You don't have to fight for their rights. You have to stand with them in the fight for their rights that if you fight for their rights they will look weak and if you stay with them. Together they will feel more in power and more confident in their fight.
then your friendship with them will be better

Maybe I didn't explain it well but I will try to explain it better next time.
that's it for today. Thank you

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