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July 12, 2021

Disabled workers are essential to the economy’s recovery | ArvindYadavblog

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Friends, welcome to all of you on your own channel. Today we are going to talk about how physically handicapped people can see more lockdown in Indian economy and how physically handicapped person can help government to do improve that?
And before I start I would like to tell you that I have a problem with speaking. You can see all the videos on my channel with my subtitles and you can understand me
Now let us know what is the problem in our Indian economy. And what problem has it caused to physically handicapped people? Because of the covid Physically handicapped people lost their jobs. They have problems in the family. There is money problem in their family. Even in the situation of covid, there has been a decline in the work of disabled people doing work from home.
What I mean to say is that even those who are doing work from home are not giving work to physically handicapped people. There are many reasons for this.  What is the reason we will know further. 
The first reason is that physically handicapped people are not able to get guidance, how does online work? I believe that we understand technology, but there are many of us who have need someone to understand technology. So because of that they do not understand technology. So this is a problem. And the second problem is the lack of equipment. Such as not having a laptop, not having electricity, not having a smartphone, having a phone with a keypad, not having mouse, So because of this, those people are facing a lot of problems by doing work from home. 
Now what is its solution?
We will know one by one. 
The first solution is that you give work to handicap people so that they can do the work.
So that they can earn money and if someone in thier house gets sick, then they can get them treated. And everyone needs money at the time of Covid. So physically handicapped people also need it. So if you will fire handicap people at the time of covid then it is very wrong. And they should be given equipments and along with equipments, knowledge should also be given to them that how they can work from home. Like how a computer works.  How does software run in a computer?  How to install laptop charger.  Such basic basic things you should tell. If you take all this, then I believe that people with disabilities are very hardworking and they work whole heartedly and they never lie.
They will never cheat on you.
If they tells you that this work will not be done, then the work will not be done and if they says that the work will be done then they will give you the work on time.If they will say in which work they has a problem, then in reality they will have a problem in that work. but they ain't lying to you. Like normal people sometimes lie, they will not lie, 
And they will also take less breaks at work time Because of which your work will be maximum. If you give work to handicapped people, then the society's belief that they cannot do any work or those people are weak, then this society's belief will end.
So now let's talk about  my suggestions of how PWD workers can help in improving the Indian economy my first suggestion  If you give work  PWD workers, then you will get more work.  Meaning they will do a very good job. they take less breaks at work time due to which your work will be maximize and you will benefit more So I would like to say that the company and the government, they should get them work from home at the time of covid and if possible, give them equipments also like laptop, charger internet bill means also give internet bill.  If possible, play them extra for electricity bill. So that they can do work from home. What will happen to them that the believes of the society will end and the company and the government will benefit. For example if 50 people work in your office. So you have to provide conveyance to them.  Petrol will be used to transport them.  Plus there will be more usage of cab.
If you have PWD employees who will work from home, then you will need less cap and less petrol  them because he will do from home from work.And you will be able to get more space in your office because PWDs are different from other, they need a little bigger work space, which requires more space, so if they work from home then You don't have to build a cabin you will get more space in the office to work. What is the advantage of PWD?
PWD will get a chance to work from home. They don't need to go anywhere. They don't need to face difficulty while traveling (like bus congestion, no need to go out in traffic and sun)And they will not even need to ask for help from somebody, at the time of traveling, there is also the advantage of PWD in this. So it has the advantage of both, so in the end I would like to say that we need to give more work to PWD. So that those people can also stand on their feet, work on their feet and they can also contribute to the Indian economy. In the end I would like to say that.  If you like my channel then you can subscribe this channel If not done yet thank you