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my friends

my KitKat (very sweet friend)

Thank you for becoming my friend, you were always there for me whenever I felt low and I never share so much with you but still you and I shared beautiful memories and you are my second very old friend I know you since class 8th and we are friends since then and you trust me completely I know that and I am very lucky to have you in my life thank you yaar And happy friendship day to you and I am always there for you.

my moti behus (my best friend)

You are best friend with you I can share anything, we share everything, we are like Batman and Robin Hood,  I never felt like I don't know you, your and my mental level is same, now we are business partners hehe this is business. Thank you so much for understanding me and helping me to get rid of someone.

my princess 

You are my Princess, you are very special for me coz we both love share market and we both buy shares together and most of our shares are in positive and we both are warren buffets fans and thank you so much coz with you also I can talk anything and you never judge me for my nonsense conversation, happy friendship day.

my guru ji 

You are my first friend in my life and you are my guru Ji in studying I always text or call you for every problem in my studying. I still remember we both travel to the metro every day from school to home. You are a very positive girl and you are the best guru thank you dost and happy friendship day.

Chirgu and Abhi

Chirgu and Abhi you are my good friends I love to spend time with you both in college, best about chirgu bhai I love your natural u r seriously very best human I ever met and abhi bc you are big-time idiot but still I love you thank you so much for becoming my friends.

My bookworm friend

You are my very intelligent friend, you are very knowledgeable person, your teaching law cases help me a lot, I love to discuss things with you coz my knowledge increase every time thank you so much bhai and happy friendship day.

My upset queen

Your smile is very good meri maa keep smiling and enjoy every moment of life and you are very intelligent person and our aim is same and one day we will get that surely thank you so much for your friendship.

My doctor sister

From cold to back pain from neck pain to fever your are my personal doctor behen you are very nice but mata Ji your political ideology is different that doesn't mean I can't listen to your point of view. I like to tell you I don't support any political party coz I believe every political party is the same so there is no use to stand for any political party. Thank you so much for your friendship and to become my personal doctor.

my best sister 

Behan, seriously I have no new lines for you coz I always write about you, and now my directory of new lines is empty, you are a perfect person thank you so much for everything.

My role model

Bhai you are my role model coz you always give respect to Indian Army these days people don't give respect to the army but you always give respect them and I always wish to join Indian army but I can't and my dear brother you can join it and I wish one day you will become an army man.

My pagal behan

Thank you so much you are still in contact with me, we are friends since class 5th maybe 6th I don't remember but still, u r my friends I still remember how we were checking out girl while coming back to school that was fun time coz we always give a rating to them 0-10 and we never anyone more than 5. Thank you so much for everything

My talkative behan

Yes you are very talkative person but I don't know where are you these days and I was waiting for this moment to sing this song for you "Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi Me Yuhi Koi Apna Lagtha Hai
Kabhi Kabhi Adithi Wo Bichad Jaye To Ik Sapna Lagtha Hai" and I miss you where the hell are you.

My angry bird

You are very special and I can't say thank to you coz you did so much for me if I try to remember than this full article will be on you but I don't have that time so I try to short it down thank you so much for writing exams, thank you so much for fighting with me on right things and no thank you for fighting on my political ideology coz our business is our none of your business hehehehehe just kidding thank you for helping me whenever I need you and yes you leftist please understand this I respect that but I am not, in fact, I am not even rightist actually I follow buddha middle path

My chicken tika

Earlier I was thinking to not write about you but I thought u r my kamina friend I don't know where the hell you are busy but you have changed after the breakup I don't know why But I still love you bc.

My woman perfection

You always inspire me you are perfect in almost everything you do dance, you do singing, you play the piano, you do painting and in all of these you are perfect and still you are my friend thank you so much for friendship

My invisible friend

I don't know where are you and the funny part is that no one knows about you bhai where are you, you were a mad girl and I guess still you are a mad girl but still I love you.

My useless friend

You were a very good friend to me and you will be no matter whatever happens between us I still remember your company yes we both are very busy in our lives but still, u r my very close friend thank you so much for friendship

My plant killer

You are my plant killer, I like to tell you that you are a very beautiful person from heart, I am missing our catfight, your dress sense is very good, thank you so much for friendship